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Ultra Nano Zinc Oxide

As dust such as PM 2.5 and germs have been increasing every year, you can free yourself from all dust and bacteria using Nuage™ Ultra NanoZGuard™ 3 Layers Mask. Nuage™ Ultra NanoZGuard™ 3 Layers Mask produced from the latest fabric masks that will give you confidence in every place with Ultra NanoZGuard ™ technology, “Nano Zinc Oxide” particles that contains anti-bacteria. Moreover, Ultra NanoZGuard ™ technology can use embedded textile fibers with specific techniques instead of conventional coating methods on fabrics. Therefore, Nuage™ fabric mask products effectively prevent bacteria and P.acne bacteria, which is a typical cause of acne, by up to 99.99%. No matter how many times you wash or clean Nuage™ fabric mask, the antibacterial efficacy remains like the first day you wear it.

Nuage™ Anti-Bacterial 3 Layers Mask with UltraNanoZGuard™ can also inhibit mold, unpleasant smell, and small dust particles such as PM 2.5. Most importantly, the mask contains non-toxic substances and is certified by the Food and Drug Administration USA. Besides, UltraNanoZGuard™ technology has been used for Nuage™ fabric mask production by adheres to the concept of “Environmentally Friendly Products” as well.


ULTRANANOZGUARD™ is originated from Zinc Master Batch and PET Chips have been melting altogether. After that, it was spun into ultra-fine fibers, until forming a yarn to become “ULTRANANOZGUARDTM Yarn”.

Effective protection with 3 layers fabric

Nuage™ Anti-Bacterial 3 Layers Mask with NanoZGuard™ allows you to live confidently every day with 3 layers of protection. NanoZGuard™ fiber provides 99.99% protection against bacteria. The second layer of muslin fabric is highly resistant to microscopic particles. Nuage™ Anti-Bacterial 3 Layers Mask with NanoZGuard™ also prevents the penetration of water spray. Moreover, the third layer is well-protect your face with NanoZGuard™ fiber that will give you confidence every time you wear it. Besides, wearing Nuage™ Anti-Bacterial 3 Layers Mask with NanoZGuard™ will not cause acne even if you are wearing a mask many times. NanoZGuard™ fabric contains 99.99% P.acne antibacterial and inhibits other bacteria such as S.aureus, K. Pneumoniae, molds, and C.albicans.

All features will remain with Nuage™ Anti-Bacterial 3 Layers Mask with NanoZGuard™ for a lifetime of use. NanoZGuard™ fiber is a nanotechnology that deep protected the fiber layer. Thus, protection ability is different from a coating on the fabric. It caused protection efficiency to be decreased whenever washing.

The Newest Standard for futuristic fabric masks

With Nano Zinc technology, Nuage™ NanoZGuard™ Anti-Bacterial 3 Layers Mask will protect you from bacteria and virus by 99% and effectively prevent acne caused by P.Acne bacteria from wearing mask for a long time. All people wearing this mask can be confident and safe from bacteria in all situations.

Prevent bacteria throughout product lifespan

No matter how many times you wash, Nuage™ NanoZGuard™ Anti-Bacterial 3 Layers Mask can maintain antibacterial performance as its first day of use. Also, Nano Zinc antibacterial technology is not just coating on the fabric, but deep into fiber level. Therefore, the protection ability is better than antibacterial agents coating on the fabric.

Feel the premium at first sight.

We are taking care of all production processes of Nuage™ Anti-Bacterial 3 Layers Mask with NanoZGuard™ to ensure that our customers will use the most effective and high-quality fabric masks. Besides, to serve customer satisfaction and deliver safety and confidence to customers in everyday life.

Effectively prevent acne

Inhibit P.acne bacteria that cause of acne by 99.99%

Prevent PM 2.5 & small dust particles

Effectively prevents PM 2.5 & small particles of dust with 3 layers protection.

Effectively inhibit bacteria

Inhibit various bacteria such as S.aureus, K. Pneumoniae, and C.albicans.

Prevent odors

Prevent odors with unpleasant smell caused by the growth of bacteria, which causing bacteria to produce a bad smell. UltraNanoZGuard™ of Nuage™ provides 99.99% protection against bacteria and odors, giving you confidence every time you wear a mask.

UV Protection

Nuage™ fabric mask can prevent bacteria effectively and block UV rays up to 40UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) (UV protection factor of textiles), which equal to 96.0% -97.5%.  (Tested No. INTERTEK 15-SEP-2017 : BKKT17012557)

Extra Soft

With the exclusive standard and 5% Spandex mixture, the Nuage™ fabric mask is super soft and light, which will not cause wrinkles on your face from use. Moreover, the Nuage™ fabric mask is different from other fabric masks that are rough and lack elasticity.

Super Breathable

2-3 layers of fabric protection won’t leave you breathless thanks to the light fabric on every layer that will helps you to breath fully.

More confidence with the PERFECT protection by 3 Layers Mask

1st Layer  UltraNanoZGuard™ Fiber

2nd Layer Nano Muslin Water Repellent Fabric

3rd Layer UltraNanoZGuard™ Fiber

Environment friendly

Nuage™ fabric mask is also an environmental friendly product due to Nuage™ fabric mask is produced from Ultra Nano Zinc technology instead of Nano Silver, which the cloth coated Nano Silver is a metal substance. After washing Nano Silver fabric mask, it will gradually come off into the river. In contrast, Nano Zinc is not a coating, but it can prevent bacteria deep into fibers. Most importantly, you can reuse Nuage™ fabric mask as often as needed. Besides, Nuage™ fabric mask can be washed up to 150 times, with the antibacterial remains virtually as the first day of use.

Certified by 5 institute.

Nuage™ Anti-Bacterial 3 Layers Mask with UltraNanoZGuard™, Certified by SETSCO SingaporeSGS ThailandBOKEN JapanKAKEN JapanTHTI (Thailand Textile Institute)


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